Situated in the tropical Indochinese Peninsula, Thailand is renowned for the outstanding richness of its fauna and flora. It is a major destination (either a wintering area or a staging area) for millions of migratory birds from northern Asia and from the Sino-Himalayan region, and additionally supports many species of resident tropical birds. Its forests, wetlands, seacoasts and other habitats are therefore of outstanding global conservation importance.


THE FLYWAY FOUNDATION incorporated in Thailand, is a non-profit institution that supports research, education and public information programs to further wildlife conservation in Thailand, emphasizing migrant and/or resident avian species in forest and non-forest or wetland habitats, and marine life in Thailand’s coastal waterways and estuaries. Projects and programs funded by the foundation include research on migratory species, both land birds and waterbirds; funding projects aimed at protecting birds and other wildlife. This includes the establishment of appropriate programs to promote conservation among villagers, farmers, fishermen and commercial enterprises. Internships or small student grants that would direct more students into conservation oriented projects and providing financial assistance for producing publications, films, video and cyber media to broadly promote conservation of wildlife in Thailand are also included.

THE FLYWAY FOUNDATION’s current focus is on migratory birds, particularly raptors, in the upper south region of Thailand, centered around Chumphon Raptor Center in Chumphon province.

THE FLYWAY FOUNDATION มูลนิธิศึกษาธรรมชาติเขาดินสอ
Nurak  Israsena (1929-2012) นุรักษ์ อิศรเสนา ณ อยุธยา
Founding Chairman Emeritus ผู้ก่อตั้ง
Chuenchom  Hansasuta ชื่นชม หังสสูต
Chairwoman ประธานกรรมการ
email : chuenchom.h@gmail.com อีเมล์ : chuenchom.h@gmail.com
Philip D. Round ฟิลิป เดวิด ราวด์
Vice-chairman รองประธานกรรมการ
Khemthong  Tonsakulrungruang เข็มทอง  ต้นสกุลรุ่งเรือง
Secretary กรรมการและเลขานุการ
Kaset  Sutasha เกษตร  สุเตชะ
Treasurer กรรมการและเหรัญญิก
Chukiat  Nualsri ชูเกียรติ  นวลศรี
Committee Member กรรมการ


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